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Danielle Roberts


My counselling journey began in 2015 after completing my 4-year degree.

I worked as a holistic therapist for 8 year prior to this and worked with several clients who had complex issues, whether it was physical pain or emotional stress. I often found myself listening and having empathy towards the clients and I had a great rapport with each of my clients and I instinctively love to make people feel better.

So that’s when I embarked on my journey as a counsellor.

Since qualifying in 2015 I went on to work at MIND a mental health organisation and had a great experience there and worked with a wide range of clients. I worked with several issues, anxiety, depression, OCD, self-harm, bereavement and many more.

I have over 400 hours counselling experience using a holistic approach. I address a person as a whole, including their physical, mental and emotional well- being while taking social factors into consideration.

 I believe in a mind, body and soul link when I work with my clients, I honour my client’s values and beliefs in order to have a harmonious professional relationship and a safe space.

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