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Aimee Popay


I became interested in Osteopathy at a very young age after seeing for myself how powerful and healing treatment can be. This passion grew as I learned more about the profession, and I have continued to build on my skills and knowledge ever since.

As well as completing my Masters Degree at the European School of Osteopathy, I have Diplomas in both Sports Massage and Modern Acupuncture, as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Animal Osteopathy. My continued learning has given me the experience to treat a wide range of complaints over any age group from newborn to the elderly and even animals!

I am passionate about keeping up to date with the most effective forms of treatment, and also broadening my skill set to include lots of different techniques, including both structural and cranial osteopathy. I feel that having many tools in my tool box will give me the ability to treat almost any problem.

I am experienced in treating anything from common neck or back pain, to sinus congestion, headaches and digestive issues. My holistic approach to treatment allows me to restore function to your whole body, meaning that I can affect many problems that you may not have thought Osteopathy could help. In addition to this, I have lots of experience in treating babies and can help a great deal with sleeping and feeding difficulties.

In my free time I enjoy keeping fit. I love walking, running, yoga and horse riding, and I find that being active myself helps me to understand more about sports injury and rehabilitation. Osteopathy is my passion and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a great big smile when my patients are feeling better!

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